John Ersing is a New York City-based writer and storyteller.

An avid reader and writer from a very young age, his earliest byline was at the age of 14 in the Philadelphia Inquirer. John has always been compelled by fashion and beauty as attention-commanding art forms. His career in fashion public relations, marketing, and event production was complemented by the freelance writing projects he pursued on the side. These paths converged in copywriting; the perfect mix of branding and writing, it plays to all the skills he has honed over the years. Communicating brand stories to all different types of consumers, researching to pinpoint effective language for a specific market, and working with graphics teams to present the information in a way that resonates is fascinating to him.

In his editorial work, John loves to write about both aesthetics and the social issues impacting the LGBTQ community, and is interested in examining the intersection thereof. Gender, sexuality, and how we choose to present ourselves to the world are all inextricably linked, and the relationship between them is one that he loves to explore. His work has appeared for Mic, The International Design Times, and more

A sense of social awareness is essential in both copywriting and journalism. As a queer writer who has written and reported on issues impacting marginalized communities, John brings that insight to every project. This helps to create a more universal consumer experience, connecting the brand with a wider audience. Diversity efforts and inclusivity of language are not only respectful, but profitable.

John's interests include reading, yoga, and Britney Spears, whom he considers to be one of his biggest inspirations. He lives in Brooklyn with his Fleetwood Mac Rumours vinyl.

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